Indepentdent Work:

  1. Z.-C. Du,W.-J. Wang, S.-Y. Luo, L.-J. Zhang, S.-W. Yuan, L. Chu* A self-renewable tag for photostable fluorescence imaging of proteins. (Submitted)

Prior to Tsinghua University:

  1. K.T.G. Samarasinghe, E. An, M.A. Genuth, L. Chu, S.A. Holley, C.M. Crews, OligoTRAFTACs: A generalizable method for transcription factor degradation. RSC Chem. Biol. 2022, 3, 1144-1153. [pdf]
  2. J. Tyson,  K. Hu, S. Zheng, P. Kidd, N. Dadina, L. Chu, D. Toomre, J. Bewersdorf, A. Schepartz, Extremely Bright, Near-IR Emitting Spontaneously Blinking Fluorophores Enable Ratiometric Multicolor Nanoscopy in Live Cells. ACS Cent. Sci. 2021, 7, 1419-1426. [pdf]
  3. M. J. Bond, L. Chu, D. A. Nalawansha, K. Li, C. Crews Targeted Degradation of Oncogenic KRASG12C by VHL-recruiting PROTACs. ACS Cent. Sci. 2020, 6, 1367-1375. (equal contributions) [pdf]
  4. L. Chu, J. Tyson, J. Shaw, F. Rivera-Molina, A. Koleske, D. Toomre, and A. Schepartz Two-color nanoscopy of organelles for extended times with HIDE probes. Nat. Comm. 2020, 11, 4271. [pdf]
  5. Z. Jin, L. Chu, Y. Chen, and J.-Q. Yu Pd-Catalyzed Remote meta-C–H Functionalization of Phenylacetic Acids Using a Pyridine Template. Org. Lett. 2018, 20, 425-428. (equal contributions) [pdf]
  6. E. Plata, D. E. Hill, B. E. Haines, D. G. Musaev, L. Chu, D. P. Hickey, M. S. Sigman, J.-Q. Yu and D. G. Blackmond A Role for Pd(IV) in Catalytic Enantioselective C–H Functionalization with Monoprotected Amino Acid Ligands under Mild Conditions. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017139, 9238-9245. [pdf]
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  12. K. S. L. Chan, M. Wasa, L. Chu, B. N. Laforteza, M. Miura, J.-Q. Yu Ligand-enabled cross-coupling of C(sp3)–H bonds with arylboron reagents via Pd(II)/Pd(0) catalysis. Nature Chem. 2014, 6, 146-150. [pdf]
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